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Put an End to Phone Tag

Would you rather have your front desk staff helping clients in person than playing phone tag with people trying to book appointments. Salon appointment software can help you stop the answering machine mania and give your clients the ability to book services any time, anywhere.

Reduce Your Salon’s Call Volume

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Win New Clients with Convenience

Consumers are researching businesses online before they choose a local service provider. Get a leg up on your competition by providing the most convenient booking experience for new clients with online, social, and mobile appointment options.

Make It Easier for Clients to Book

salon scheduling

Say Goodbye to Scheduling Errors

Have you ever dropped an appointment, scheduled someone for the wrong service, or had a stylist come in at the wrong time for her shift? It happens to every salon. Investing in salon appointment software will make sure that it never happens again.

Take Control of Your Schedule

It’s Time for an Upgrade

Ready to make the move to salon appointment software? Booker has been serving salon owners for 4 years and knows the beauty industry inside and out. Our team would love to show you Booker in action.

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