Spa Software Reviews

Booker In The Lead With The Most Positive Reviews 

Are you curious as to who is in the lead with the most positive spa software reviews? Well if you were going to guess that it is Booker, you would be correct! Booker takes our software seriously and is proud to be the best spa software available.

Whether you are looking to a cloud-based software that has capabilities to handle it all starting from scheduling to SMS appointment reminders, POS, automated email campaigns, membership management, to payroll,  Booker has you squared away. 

Booker is in the lead among its competitors because we offer a multitude of features which include: 

  • Payroll reports that automatically track employee hours
  • Employee commission and tips tracking 
  • Vacation day tracking and personal day tracking 

Find out more about how Booker surpasses its competition, download the Buyer's Guide today!