Spa Software

Spa Software And Client Retention

Stupid questions do exist. For example, would you like a pedicure? Would you like the most amazing software for your spa business? The question is stupid because the answer is an obvious, YES of course!

At Booker, we have the best cloud-based spa software available. Why? Because we are in the business of not only providing you with online scheduling we offer you many features that can help you grow your business. For example, Booker helps you with your existing appointment book or business management system to help fill your schedule ­ automatically. With email and text message promotions, communications and marketing campaigns, we make it easy to stay in touch and engaged with your new and existing customers and to keep them returning. 

Booker can -

  • Increase your revenue by filling last minute openings and slow days
  • Improve customer satisfaction and relationships resulting in a positive online reputation and word of mouth
  • Keep your employees happy by ensuring they’re busy and engaged with happy customers.

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