Salon Scheduling

Salon Scheduling at its Finest 

You hardly have time breathe let alone look for the perfect scheduling software. We understand that you have had nothing but six cups of coffee for the past nine hours, while trying to shovel 1600 calories in two seconds flat. We get it - you don't have time to mess around, especially with terrible salon software. 

Booker is your solution - get more time for necessities and doing what you love. Booker is a cloud-based online scheduling software created for salons that need booking and operational support. Booker has many features that can help you to attract, book, manage, and retain your customers. 

With Booker you can give your customers the ability to book on their mobile by: 

  • Service or class type
  • Preferred date and time
  • Specific service providers

Learn more about Booker and what they can offer your business. Get started today with the Booker Buyer's Guide.