Salon POS Systems

No More Basic Salon POS Systems

Are you running out of patience with your current POS system? Are you wondering if there is a seamless and easy-to-use option that integrates with your company website? Wishing you could have an online product store that connects to your salon management software for easy credit card processing 24/7? 

Booker has it all! From cloud-based, real time access to on the go POS processing, you can be sure that whatever your transaction processing needs whether online or in person, Booker delivers. With Booker, you can turn any smartphone or tablet into a payment terminal! Talk about flexibility and convenience! 

With Booker's mobile POS system, you can:

  • Accept signatures directly on a device
  • Send email receipts straight to your clients’ inboxes
  • Provide fast and reliable payment processing

Learn more about Booker's POS systems, the multitude of features and tools are sure to impress. DOWNLOAD GUIDE NOW!