Salon POS System

An Uncomplicated POS System For Your Salon 

Are you tired of software that make things harder than it seems? How hard is it to make an incredible point of sale (POS) system really? Booker get's it. Not only does Booker offer an effective salon POS system, but also an amazing business management and booking system to go hand-in-hand.

Whether you are looking to analyze and manage all of your transactions or simply track your customer purchases, Booker gives you the control. Connect your POS with customer profiles to process payments using a card on file or manually enter that information it is up to you. 

Booker allows you the flexibility to accept multiple payment types including: 

  • Debit
  • Cash
  • Credit
  • Loyalty points
  • Gift certificates

If you like what you see so far, you would be impressed with the multitude of features Booker includes aside from POS processing. For more information, download the available guide today!