Salon Management

Seamless Salon Management 

Salon management isn't easy. However, you don't have to pull out your hair in the nearest break room, let Booker help you with all your salon management needs. 

With Booker, you can manage it all, from your employees to your inventory, you'll have the ultimate in booking and management solutions in this all-in-one software. With the leading software - Booker, you can manually upload employee schedules to complete payroll with the ultimate management software. 

Booker gives you: 

  • Centralized reporting on staff hours, service deductions, and tips
  • Track marketing campaigns and membership information
  • Access reporting across all customer activity
  • Optimize inventory based on in?person and online buying patterns
  • Employee compensation and hours reporting 
  • Marketing campaign performance reporting 

Download the available guide if you are tired of salon management stress.