POS Salon

Best POS Salon 

So your POS system is starting to slow your salon down? You are getting a back up of customers at your check out desk and it is making your high maintenance customers fidgety. With Booker, you won't have that to worry about. 

Booker is a cloud-based solution for all of your POS needs.  Booker's software allows you to accept multiple payment types including cash, credit, debit, gift certificates, and loyalty points. Whether you are looking to quicken the check out processes or securely manage and analyze your transactions, Booker is your go-to.

Booker is equipped for: 

  • Reliable processing that complies with current security standards and PCI  
  • Competitive credit processing rates
  • Faster customer checkouts

No more customer complaints at slow check outs - get Booker. DOWNLOAD GUIDE for more information,