Online Booking Software

Booker: Not Just An Online Booking Software

Life is an endless struggle, full of challenges, but eventually, you will find an online booking and business management software that will understand you. That cloud-based software is called Booker. 

You won't have to struggle with juggling client call backs while you have two minutes to swallow a lunch in between salon meetings and clients. Your front desk won't have the challenge of constantly putting customers on hold while your employees are asking what their schedule is like or if they are running behind. Booker offers operation and management tools that your business needs such as: 

  • Mobile schedule access for employees and automated shift reminders 
  • Online Booking off of your company website, or social media page such as Facebook 
  • Centralized reporting on staff hours, service deductions, and tips
  • View real-time total sales
  • See appointment history and preferences

Get your Booker Buyer's Guide now - see what Booker can do for your business needs.