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Get the Salon Software That Is Better For Your Business : Booker Vs. Rosy 

So you are down to two softwares - Rosy vs. Booker? You are weighing all of your options and are at the point that you need to decide on which one would work better for your salon. Let's talk few things over before you make a final decision.

Are you curious which software will better handle your SMS appointment reminders, POS, online scheduling, membership management, automated campaigns, or payroll needs? Did you know Booker takes the overall win for all of these features and needs? Booker has better customer ratings as well as the competitive edge on Rosy Software.  

Some of the many features that Booker has that surpass its competitors include:

  • Vacation day tracking and personal day tracking
  • Reports that automatically track employee hours
  • Commission and tips tracking
  • And much more!

Booker leads among its competition, download our guide for more in-depth information. CLICK HERE.