Appointment Books For Salons

Cleaned Up Appointment Books For More Organized Salons

Are your salon appointment books a total mess? There are constant over bookings and inadequate time allocations in just about everyday. We get it, you roll with the punches. That's wonderful and all but seriously - you want to catch a break! 

Get Booker, just trust us. Clean up your books with a seamless booking app and not only that but, a salons dream for management on the go. With Booker, you can manage customer profiles, manage your calendar, manage your payments, and much more. Booker allows you the flexibility you need. 

Booker allows you to:

  • Book, update, and cancel appointments from a mobile phone or tablet 
  • Check in clients with a couple of taps from anywhere in your salon 
  • View customer profiles, including previous appointments and orders at anytime and from anywhere

Get Booker you won't regret it. Download the Online Booking for Spas and Salon's guide right now!