Appointment Booking App

A Seamless Appointment Booking App For Your Salon 

Arghh, there is nothing worse than returning a million phone calls! Especially when you have to be extra flexible with your schedule considering you let the calls go to voicemail. Now you are stuck trying to squeeze in a color correction appointment on a day that is already double booked. Good luck with that, right? 

You should really think about getting the Booker booking app. That way, if you ever have to step away from your desk or you are in the middle of collecting a payment, or even in a deep conversation with your product rep about that new PH bonder, you can quickly book appointments on your mobile app. 

With Booker, you have an app that can help you:

  • Manage customer profiles
  • Manage your calendar
  • Manage your payments

Whether you are on the go or in the middle of something, let Booker's Mobile App work for your schedule. Download the available guide for more information today!