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Don’t Get Hung up on Checkouts

Using a manual cash register can slow down the checkout process. Upgrading to a salon POS system will give your staff more time and attention to spend on customer service and upsells.

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Keep Your Clients Smiling

After a perfect haircut or adorable mani, your clients want to pay and be on their way. With a salon POS, every client will instantly have a receipt in hand and a smile on their face.

Discover a Better Way to Run Your Business

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Provide Flexible Payment Options

Cash and credit aren’t the only methods your clients want to use. With a salon POS system, you can apply loyalty points, membership benefits, and other payment types.

Invest in the Best Salon POS System

Booker’s salon POS is easy to use and connects with your customer records and reporting to help you better understand your clients’ purchasing behaviors. We’d love to show you our POS in action.

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