March 26, 2013

Booker's Mobile App for Service Businesses Reaches 16,000 Downloads

Business Owners and Staff Perform Critical Tasks from Android and iOS Mobile Devices, Enabling Business Operations from Anywhere

NEW YORK, NY—March 26, 2013Booker (formerly GramercyOne), a service management platform (SMP) that unifies operations and automated marketing on a single cloud-based system, continues to solidify its leadership position with the success of its iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile apps. By bringing the most robust suite of service management features to nearly any mobile device, Booker enables business owners and their staff to manage operations anytime, from anywhere, with features including appointment scheduling, payment processing, customer management, staff scheduling, and reporting.

Booker’s clients are quickly embracing the company’s mobile offering. In just a few months, over 16,000 end-users have downloaded the app to their Android or Apple iOS mobile device, and over 1,000 installed the application on their iPad in the first two weeks of its release. The mobile apps are powered by the same cloud-based platform as Booker’s desktop version, therefore synchronizing the desktop and mobile-optimized experiences in real-time.

"Booker's mobile app makes it easy for me to serve my clients. I create appointments, and have my staff check their schedules, while on the go," said Jeri Fritz, owner of Highland Park Housekeeping. "Being mobile is a major part of my business, and I couldn’t be successful without it.”

Booker is bringing enterprise-class technology to small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) in an affordable and intuitive package. SMBs can now access mission-critical applications and manage staff and operations without being tethered to a PC. By leveling the playing field with larger businesses, Booker is enabling SMBs to compete in ways they never could before.

“Mobile has always played an integral part of our product strategy,” said Josh McCarter, CEO of Booker. “Our clients are business owners on the move—people who want to spend more time satisfying their customers or at home with their families. With Booker always at their fingertips, their businesses can operate and grow from wherever they choose.”

Booker Mobile and Tablet Features

  • Appointment Management—View calendars, by room or employee. Book, confirm, and manage appointments and classes.
  • Employee Management—Owners can delegate operational tasks to multiple employees, who no longer need to compete for the front desk computer.
  • Customer Management—Add and edit customer profiles, snap customer photos, and track customer purchase history.
  • Mobile Payments—Swipe credit cards and take payment with other tenders for services and products, and apply specials/promotions when relevant.
  • Dashboard Reporting—Provides insight on business performance.
  • Full Integration—Changes made on a mobile device will update all users in the business, no matter where or how they’re logged on.

Booker Mobile Metrics

  • The percentage of appointments booked on mobile devices tripled in just over a year, and continues to grow.
  • In January 2013, the number of appointments booked on mobile devices increased 350 percent year-over-year, with a 25 percent increase from December 2012.
  • The iPhone app was downloaded over 2,000 times within the first month of its release.

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Booker is transforming the way local services are managed by businesses and discovered by consumers. Booker replaces everything from manual methods to disconnected software, and unifies the essential components of running service businesses into a single web-based platform, accessible from any device. Booker also enables service business to sell their services online, through their website and a network of partner sites and apps, creating a seamless booking experience for consumers. Booker processes over one million appointments each month across 70+ countries worldwide. Headquartered in New York City, Booker’s customers include thousands of local service businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit

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