About Us

Booker is an all-in-one local service commerce platform.

We help business owners grow their customer base, book appointments,

process payments, manage employees, and build long-term client relationships.

We enable our clients to get a complete view of their entire business in one place.

Our Principles

As we've worked hand-in-hand with thousands of clients and processed millions of transactions since 2010, we've come to live and breathe the needs of local service business owners. And it's our expertise in cloud-based business management that makes us the safe, reliable choice. We've built the Booker Platform around three main client-driven principles:

1. You want an easy way to grow your customer base, book appointments, complete the sale, and then build an ongoing relationship.
We enable businesses to sell their services online, through their website, through their mobile app, at their location, and through a network of partner sites (the Booker Marketing Network), creating a seamless experience for consumers. Once those prospects become customers, we make it easy to stay connected with them and keep them coming back.

2. You want to manage all of the day-to-day work—your calendar, transactions and customer records, staffing, resources, and inventory—through a simple, comprehensive system that you can access anytime, anywhere.
We unify the essential needs of running a service business into a single web-based system accessible from any device. Because the Booker Platform is all-in-one, we can tie every customer interaction—from booking to payment method to upsell to retention—back to your customer records so you know when and why your customers patronize your business and how you can serve them better.

3. You don't want to pay more just because you've successfully grown your team.
We offer business owners the peace of mind that comes with knowing from day one what their monthly costs will be. We don't agree with requiring our customers to pay more as they add clients and employees.

The Power behind
our Platform

Booker runs on a cloud-based, enterprise-class, fully redundant infrastructure, supplemented by partnerships with world-class third-party technology providers. Our high-performance, full-service platform is available 24/7 for clients around the world.

Every data point captured by the Booker Platform is backed up and securely stored online. Our clients never have to worry about their hard drive crashing (or being stolen).

Booker was built from day one as an all-in-one system so that local merchants can harness the power of centralized data to inform their key business decisions.

Our Approach

Build world-class technology.
Booker was created to make the daily demands of running a local business easier while eliminating the need for ongoing technology updates and troubleshooting.

Design everything with customers in mind.
We're here to serve our clients, so everything we do—hiring, product design, the entire organization—starts with what our businesses need. We understand your business challenges and have built a system that addresses those challenges.

Help local businesses succeed.
Our top priority is helping owners serve their customers and run their businesses better.

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