Preach the Booker Message.
Our Sales team is on the front lines telling potential customers about Booker and how our service can benefit their business. They give prospects a first glimpse of the platform and play a key role in customer onboarding.

Customer Experience

Give Good Phone.
Our Customer Experience team loves teaching, problem solving, and working with clients to help them get the most out of our platform.


Crunch our Numbers.
Our Finance team keeps Booker on course as we achieve goals and benchmarks. They’re laser-focused on tracking and analyzing the financial data that informs Booker’s day-to-day business decisions.


Become a Master of Strategery.
Our Strategy team leads the charge in exploring new markets, developing strategic partnerships, and driving innovation across the company. They also ensure that every department’s efforts contribute to the company’s goals.


Geek out on User Experience.
Our Product team transforms and refines our platform offerings. Their roadmap is focused on creating tools to help local businesses thrive.

Quality Assurance

Quality Is Our Middle Name. Our QA team makes sure that every new piece of code is bug-free before and after going live.

Human Resources & Recruiting

Hang with the People People.
Our Human Resources team makes sure every employee has FUN! A truly warm and friendly team, they provide top-notch support and guidance to our employees. And our Recruiting team helps us discover great new talent like you.


Grow the Booker Brand. Our Marketing team knows prospective clients, current clients, and the market landscape inside and out. They provide industry thought leadership, drive leads for our sales team, and manage communications with employees, customers and press.


We believe in helping small businesses succeed. We’re on a mission to use technology and big data to help small businesses grow, and change the way consumers and local businesses interact with an "Uber for Local" like experience. Why? Because millions of small businesses make up the backbone of the global economy and provide the majority of jobs, yet new technologies tend to focus on enterprise customers.

Technical Support

You can has halp.
Our Tech Support team ensures that our systems, servers, and other hardware run smoothly and efficiently.


Code-slingers R Us.
Our Tech team shapes the Booker platform hands-on as they build new features and functionality.


The Wizards of Oz.
If you're a behind-the-scenes magician who works well with systems, processes, and contracts, Operations is for you.

Job Positions

Title Onboarding Coach

Booker is transforming the way local services are managed by businesses and discovered by consumers. Booker replaces everything from manual methods to disconnected software, and unifies the essential components of running a service business into a single web-based platform, accessible from any device. Booker also enables service business to sell their services online, through their website and a network of partner sites and apps, creating a seamless online booking experience for consumers. Booker processes over 3M appointments each month across 9000+ clients in 75 countries. Headquartered in New York City, Booker’s customers include Fortune 500 companies as well as thousands of local service businesses.

In this entry-level role, Onboarding Coaches will work in a partnership to build and train accounts to be successful. are software and customer relations experts who strive to provide a seamless implementation process. They ensure there is constant communication between the teams and their accounts. During this time, Onboarding Coaches should be able to identify the current status of the account as well as what is required to get them live.

Fun things you get to do:

  • Provide support during implementation process.
  • Provide specific system training tailored to customer's business model and needs.
  • Conducting setup and wrap up calls: Listen and learn to discover customer current status, system, and expectations. Guide client through setup and configuration of Booker Account, following requirements determined by Implementation Specialist.
  • Provide excellent customer service through teamwork.
  • Data entry/admin work as needed.


  • Tech savvy, ability to lean and become an expert in the Booker software system. Familiarity with screen share software a plus. 
  • Unparalleled time management, communication and interpersonal skills (over the phone, chat and email).
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • experience is highly desired. Certifications or coursework in earn extra points.
  • Expert in MS Office.
  • Continually striving to learn and take on more responsibility.
  • Bilingual Spanish/English a huge plus.
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Phoenix, Arizona

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