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Booker is transforming the way local services are managed by businesses and discovered by consumers. Booker replaces everything from manual methods to disconnected software, and unifies the essential components of running a service business into a single web-based platform, accessible from any device.

Booker also enables service businesses to sell their services online, through their website and a network of partner sites and apps, creating a seamless online booking experience for consumers. Booker processes over one million appointments each month across 70 countries. Headquartered in New York City, Booker’s customers include Fortune 500 companies as well as thousands of local service businesses.


We started as a division of SpaFinder (located in Gramercy, NYC) in 2007 with a SaaS product called SpaBooker. Our focus was to deliver one platform for spas to manage their business, and SpaBooker was an instant success. We quickly expanded the team, feature set, and customer base. Building on our success, we decided to spin out SpaBooker to bring even more focus on growing the business by entering new verticals, and helping publishers add booking to their online user experience.

We realized this vision stretched beyond the name SpaBooker, leading us to spin out as GramercyOne, with SpaBooker as its product. Shortly thereafter, we brought on new investors in our Series A financing of $14.5M, enabling us to build out our executive team, enter several new verticals, and sign new partnerships with major publishers. Over the following year, as we continued our breakout growth, we recognized that our name was creating an unneeded divide between our company and our products. We decided to bring it all together with a simple name born from our core offering – Booker. We also captured our story in a fun video.

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